Has your system stopped reporting data? Has your Internet WiFi password or Internet provider changed? Read this page to get your system back up and running.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get your system connected to the Internet.

If Enlighten is not updating with current production data, it may be because your system is no longer connected to the Internet. You can verify this by checking the status indicator at the top of your MyEnlighten overview screen:

MyEnlighten alert that says "Envoy Not Reporting"

If you see the message, Your system hasn’t reported data to Enlighten since… Is your Internet Connection down?, it means that your Envoy is offline and unable to upload data. But not to worry! We've prepared this step-by-step guide to get your Envoy back online. (Need help finding your Envoy?)

Has your Envoy been replaced?

First, make sure your home is connected to the Internet.

Check to see that other devices in your home are successfully connected to the Internet. If other devices in your home are having connectivity issues, you may need to work with your Internet Service Provider to fix your home's Internet connection. Once you're verified that your home is connected to the Internet, let's work on getting your Envoy back up-and-running.

Next, tell us what kind of Envoy you have.


Select your Envoy from the options below. Need help finding your Envoy?


Image of two Envoy-S products, one with black case and one with white case

I have the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy >

LCD Envoy product image

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