Solar myths debunked

Misconceptions prevent people from saving money with solar energy.
Let’s start debunking these myths.

Too expensive?

One of the most stubborn myths about solar energy is that it is too costly for most homeowners. In reality, solar is more affordable than ever, and the options for financing home solar are increasing all the time.

Not enough sun where I live?

Solar energy systems can work well in a wide variety of places, including foggy and cold climates, and on overcast days. Germany, a country not known for massive sun, leads the world in home solar.

Solar can’t pay for itself?

Many homeowners are able to get solar with no money down, and see reduced energy costs immediately as well. Even if you pay cash, the system pays for itself in less time than ever.

Hurts my home value

A recent study showed that homeowners who purchase a solar energy system actually add to their property value. Homes with solar on the roof are likely to sell more quickly, too.

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