Reconnecting your Envoy

Let's get your Envoy back online

Before we get started reconnecting your Envoy, it's helpful to know what your Envoy's screen will display when it's offline and when it's reconnected:


This Envoy is offline:

Notice the Envoy displays -Web and numbers in the top left that start with 169.

This Envoy is connected:

When the Envoy is successfully connected to Enlighten, the numbers displayed on the LCD screen will no longer start with 169, and the text in the upper right corner of the screen will change from -Web to +Web.

First, make sure your Envoy is powered on.

Make sure that your Envoy is plugged in to a power outlet and that there is text displaying on the LCD screen. If your Envoy is plugged in but does not have power, unplug your Envoy and then plug it back in to the power outlet. It will then take about three minutes to fully re-boot. You will know that the re-boot is complete when the LCD screen switches between two information screens. In the upper left corner, you will se an IP address (a series of numbers and dots).

If your Envoy fails to power up after unplugging and plugging it back in, it may need to be replaced. Please contact customer support for assistance.

Next, tell us what type of connection your Envoy has.

By looking at your Envoy, you can see how it's connected to the internet. Select the option that matches your Envoy from the choices below:


My Envoy has a Wi-Fi adapter stick:


The Wi-Fi adapter stick is plugged into the USB port nearest the power plug.

My Envoy has Ethernet bridges:

Ethernet bridges are used when the Envoy is located too far from your router to connect to it directly. Ethernet bridges come in pairs.

My Envoy is connected with Ethernet to my router:

If your Envoy is connected via Ethernet cable, there will be a cable that connects the Envoy to your router directly.

My Envoy is connected with an Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter:

Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapters are used when the Envoy is too far from the router to connect via cable directly. The adapter takes messages from the Envoy and sends them to your router wirelessly. Your Envoy supports adapters with an Ethernet (wired) connection. The Envoy does not support USB to Wi-Fi adapter.

Can't find your Envoy?

If you're having trouble locating your system's Envoy, go here.