How can I change what’s displayed on my Systems List?

Get details on how to modify Systems List items and preferences

With the Systems List, you can:

  • Change the columns that display
  • Sort by a particular column
  • Assign systems to a group
  • Filter the list to match criteria that you specify in one or more columns

If you find a particular Systems List display useful, you can save that view for easy access in the future.

Changing Columns

By default, Enlighten displays the following columns on the Systems List:

  • Status
  • Name
  • Groups
  • City
  • State/Prov
  • Today’s Energy
  • Lifetime Energy

You can customize which columns you see by clicking the change columns button.

Check the names of the columns you want to display and uncheck the ones you want to hide.

Sorting the List

Change the sort order by clicking the up/down arrows for the column you want to sort by.

Using System Groups

Your company can create groups of systems by criteria that is meaningful to your business. You can then filter the Systems List to display just the groups you want to view. Learn more about System Groups.

Filtering the List

You can filter which systems display in the list by entering the criteria in one or more of the fields at the top of the columns, then clicking the Search icon or pressing Enter on your keyboard.

To filter on a column of text values (such as Name or City), enter the text criteria in one or more of the filter fields. It isn’t necessary to enter a complete text string, nor is the filter case-sensitive. For example, if you enter “sac” in the City field, Enlighten displays all systems in the city of “Sacramento.”

To filter on a column that has a fixed set of values (such as Status or Groups), select the value from the drop-down menu.

There are many options available for filtering on a column of numeric values. Read more about filtering the systems list by numeric values.

To clear filters and display the complete list of systems, select Show all systems.

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