How do I save a search in the Systems List?

Learn how to use your Enlighten Systems List

The Saved Search function allows you to save custom views of your Systems List. For example, you can save a search based on numeric criteria, like a list of systems that has more than 100 MWh of energy production. Or, you can save a particular view of the Systems List, like a list sorted by latest installation date.

Saving a Search

To save a search after you have filtered or customized a view of the Systems List:

  1. Click the Star icon to open the Saved Search menu.
  2. Enter the name of your saved search, then click the Add icon  

Viewing a Saved Search

To view a previously saved search, click the Star icon, then select the saved search you want to view.

To change the name of a saved search, or to delete a saved search, hover over the search name in the Saved Search menu.

  • To change the name, click the pencil icon next to the name.
  • To delete, click the trash icon next to the name.
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