What should I know about systems using a cellular modem for reporting to Enlighten?

Learn how how to sort your systems list to monitor systems that are using cellular internet connections

The Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem and data plan provide easy and reliable networking of an Enphase System without needing to rely on an internet connection at the site.

You can tell which of your systems are using cellular modems to deliver information by using the Connection Type filter on the Systems List. Select the Cellular from the drop-down menu and click the search icon ( ) or press Enter on your keyboard.

When looking at an individual system, you can tell that it is using a cellular modem for reporting to Enlighten by the cellular icon () in the upper right corner of the system sidebar.

Click the cellular icon to see details about the modem.

Low-Bandwidth Reporting Mode

Systems with the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem use low-bandwidth reporting mode. This means that the system reports data in 15-minute intervals four times per day, at 3 am (03:00), 9 am (09:00), 3 pm (15:00), and 9 pm (21:00) local time.

When looking at the power graph for a system with low-bandwidth reporting, you will see a blue dashed line across the bottom, which represents pending data. The dashed line starts at the time the Envoy last reported data, and extends to the current time. When you hover over the dashed line, a tooltip explains why the data is not present and displays the next expected report time.

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