What is required to pass Stage 2 – Connecting?

Get the details of Stage 2 of the Activation checklist - Connecting

A system stays in Stage 2 – Connecting until the Envoy(s) you entered in Stage 1 is reporting to Enlighten.

If you have set up the Envoy on site and the system is still in Stage 2 – Connecting, check the Envoy LCD screen. If the screen shows +Web, then there is a connection between the Envoy and Enlighten, and the system will clear this check shortly.

If the Envoy LCD screen shows –Web, check that the Envoy has a valid IP address and NOT the one from the factory (169.x.x.x); a valid IP address is typically 192.xxx.xx or 10.xxx.xx.

If you do not have a valid IP address, check the Ethernet connection between the Envoy and the on-site router. If the router is too far from the Envoy (because the Envoy must be located near the load center), then you may need to use a wireless router or Ethernet bridges.

Once you have a valid IP address, you may need to wait up to 15 minutes for the Envoy to report to Enlighten. If you still see -Web after 15 minutes, try these fixes:

  • Verify that the site has a working Internet connection. Check that the modem and the router are functioning properly.
  • Power cycle the 1) modem, 2) router, and 3) Envoy (in that order). To power cycle a device, unplug the device, let it set for at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Allow each device to fully boot up before power cycling the next device.

If you are still unable to advance to the next stage, refer to the Envoy manual for additional troubleshooting steps, or contact Enphase Customer Support.

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