What is the Permission to Operate Setting?

Read details about what the settings in Enlighten mean, and how they work

The Permission to Operate setting lets you specify when a system has been granted permission to operate. You can also use this setting to indicate that a system is not operating.

By default, a system is assumed to be operational on the date Enlighten received the first report of energy generation from the Envoy. The installer or system owner can change this date to reflect the system’s interconnection date (the date that the system started operating with utility approval). This is useful in cases where the utility approval to connect lags behind the installation and the system must be shut down for a period of time.

For lifetime estimates and the production threshold to be calculated correctly, it is important to provide the actual interconnection date.

To change the Permission to Operate setting:

  1. Select the Settings tab (Setting Icon).
  2. Click in the “Operational as of:” field to display the calendar and select a date.
  3. Click Save.

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