Identify a production issue

We will check the microinverter’s behaviour and correct functioning by looking at the PV array.Click on the View tab to see the microinverter layout.

A production issue will be shown either by a black panel or by important differences in production values.Select Energy > Past 7 Days for a better overview.

If the panels are grey and not black, please refer to the “microinverters not reporting” link.

We will check for:
-Is only one microinverter affected?
-Are multiple microinverters affected?

If only a specific microinverter or a group within the array is affected, checking the voltages, frequencies and currents will give you important information about the possible cause of production issue.

- To do so, click on the affected micro-inverter on the PV array.
-A pop-up appears.
-Click on the graph icon to open the microinverter’s data.

- Select the curves you want to display by clicking under the graph.The non-displayed curves are in grey.Hover above the curves to display the values.

If it is only affecting a specific microinverter, you can also compare these values with an adjacent microinverter which is not showing underproduction for comparison.

You can download the information in the desired format by clicking the three bars on the top-right corner.

Possible issues
• Single microinverter not producing.If the microinverter has worked before and now it is showing 0ACV, submit a warranty request.If more than one microinverter is affected, it is most likely a wiring issue.

• A group of microinverters showing 0ACV.It is most likely a wiring issue.There might be a loose connection in the junction and the microinverters are not getting the AC voltage. This is the case when all microinverters or a group is affected.

One group.Issue in the junction box.

If there is a pattern of every third microinverter showing an issue and it is a three-phase system, it is most likely a wiring issue on that specific phase.

• CT configuration.Configuration phase count needs to match the gateway power feed.The gateway might be in error status.
• Grid profile.A power export limiting grid profile might not allow production if the CTs are not installed or configured correctly.
• Compatibility.Are the microinverters compatible with the PV modules?Link to compatibility calculator.
• – Not finding a case that applies?>Submit a warranty request(link to how to SOTG)