How do I troubleshoot a Production Issue system status?

Learn about the Production Issue system status and how it can help solve performance issues

Enlighten declares a Production Issue system status when one of the following occurs:

  1. Site production falls below the Production Threshold (if one has been set).
  2. Enphase detects a significant hardware issue with the system.

In general, a Production Issue indicates a system where maintenance may be required.

To start troubleshooting the system, go to the Devices tab. Microinverters with a Production Issue display at the top of the Microinverters list.

Click the status link of an individual microinverter to see current issues for that microinverter. Refer to the Installer’s Guide to Troubleshooting an Enphase System or contact Enphase Customer Support for appropriate troubleshooting steps.

If you do not see any microinverters with production issues on the Devices list, the system’s Production Threshold settings may be too conservative. If this is the case, unusual weather may trigger a production issue because actual system production is below estimated production even though the system is functioning normally. Check recent weather in the area to determine if this is the case. If a system frequently flags a production issue due to weather, you may wish to lower the threshold versus the estimate.

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