Why is my utility bill different than what’s shown in Enlighten?

Learn how to compare your utility bill with the data reported in Enilghten

When you’re comparing the energy reported in the MyEnlighten desktop application or the Enlighten mobile app with the energy reported on your utility bill, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For monthly production or consumption, make sure you’re comparing the same days. Your utility billing period may not start on the first of the month.
  • For daily production or consumption, make sure you’re comparing the same time range. For example, if your utility reports your production or consumption on an hourly basis, you’ll need to sum up the corresponding 15-minute increments from Enlighten. The "Recent Production" or “Recent Consumption” reports make this easy to do in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet tool.
  • Because your Enphase Envoy and your utility’s meter are different devices, the measurement totals may not be exactly the same. Any difference within a range of +/- 2.5% is normal.
  • But most importantly, the utility can only measure what passes through its meter. This is true for production and consumption.
    • The utility will only credit you for excess generation that passes through its meter back to the grid.
    • Similarly, your utility will only report on energy delivered through its meter to your home. The utility will debit you for energy you consume from the grid when your energy needs exceed your solar generation or the sun is not shining. If you have consumption monitoring installed, your consumption data will be higher than what the utility reports because Enlighten is reporting all your consumption whether it came from the grid or from your solar array. (Follow the steps here to calculate your consumption using your electricity bill.)

If the values are wildly different from each other and cannot be explained above:

  • Your Envoy may not be configured correctly for the type of installation.
  • Your Envoy may have a calibration issue.
  • The utility meter may have a calibration issue.

Contact your solar professional for further guidance.

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