What is the AC Battery?

Energy storage solves solar’s most basic dilemma. Solar produces energy when most of us aren’t home to consume it, and most of us use energy when the sun has gone down. Storage solves the problem by holding energy that the solar system produces for use later on. It charges batteries during the day when the sun is shining, and then discharges them in the evening to offset your home’s energy consumption.

The Enphase AC Battery is the building block of the Enphase Storage System. It combines safe and stable iron-based lithium chemistry battery cells, an Enphase microinverter, and a battery management system in a sealed box that never requires maintenance. As part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, the AC Battery operates seamlessly with the rest of the system to meet your home’s unique energy needs.

If your system includes AC Batteries, MyEnlighten makes it easy for you to see how they are working in conjunction with the rest of your Enphase system.

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