Next Steps for the Microinverter Upgrade

Thank you for participating in the Enphase Upgrade Program. Here's what installers need to know to move forward with a Microinverter Upgrade.

About the Microinverter Upgrade

As part of the Enphase Upgrade Program for Early Adopters, we are offering owners of legacy microinverters the opportunity to replace their second-generation microinverters with new, seventh-generation Enphase IQ 7 PD (Powered Down) Microinverters, at a heavily discounted price. The microinverters have been powered down to be compatible with the existing solar panels and system equipment.

The new Enphase IQ 7 PD Microinverters will come with a fresh 25-year product warranty. We are also including an IQ Envoy and Consumption CT Meters as part of the upgrade, included in the equipment price. Keep reading to learn more about what equipment is included, how to avoid common pitfalls to quote your job accurately, and how the upgrade process works.


How it works

We will be reaching out to legacy system owners about the the Enphase Upgrade Program for Early Adopters. We are giving system owners the option to work with their existing installer on the upgrade. Or, if they do not have an existing installer, we will put them in touch with an existing Enphase installer that can help them with the upgrade.

Once the system owner has chosen to move forward with the Microinverter Upgrade, we then coordinate with you, their installer, to confirm what equipment is needed. Regardless of how the system is set up or what accessories are required, we will be charging the system owners a flat price of $67.50/panel for all system equipment. As the installer, you will quote the labor costs with the homeowner separately and collect payment from them for the labor them directly.

When the homeowner has confirmed that they want to move forward with the upgrade, we will send them a link to review and confirm their payment details. When their payment details are confirmed, an Enphase team member will work with you to sign off on the equipment list before the order is placed and shipped from our warehouse. In most cases, the equipment will be shipped directly to the homeowner. If you need the equipment to be shipped directly to your office, we suggest you to coordinate this with the homeowner and ask them to request that the equipment be shipped to you directly. We will notify both you and the system owner when the product has been shipped from our warehouse.


Microinverter Upgrade Equipment List

Each Microinverter Upgrade will include the following equipment, included in the flat equipment price:

Enphase IQ 7 PD Microinverter

The high-powered, smart grid-ready IQ 7 PD Microinverter is built on our newest, seventh-generation technology and powered down to be compatible with the existing system components. It also extends the reliability standards set forth by previous generations, undergoing over a million hours of power-on testing and enabling Enphase to provide an industry-leading 25-year warranty.
Quantity: 1 per panel
Download the Data Sheet

Q Cable

The Enphase Q Cable is our standard light-weight, distributed generation cable with pre-installed connectors, used for all Enphase IQ Systems.
Quantity: # of panels + 5 drops -- For example, a 20-panel system will include 25 drops of Q Cable
Download the Data Sheet

Accessories Kit

The accessories kit includes the necessary accessories for an upgrade of up to 40 panels:

  • Disconnect Tool
  • Branch Terminators
  • Q Seals
  • Q Clips – 100-pack

Quantity: 1 Accessories Kit per system -- If you need additional accessories than what’s included below, please request an additional kit when you confirm the system equipment with our team.
Download the Data Sheet

Q Adapters (Not required for all systems)

Depending on the specific microinverters being replaced, you may also need Q Adapters. Once you complete the below form, our team will review the system details and confirm whether Q Adapters will also be needed.
Download the Data Sheet

IQ Envoy + Production CTs

Compatible with the Enphase IQ System, the IQ Envoy enables remote monitoring and update capabilities while offering system owners energy insight and storage control.
Quantity: 1 IQ Envoy + Production CT per system
Download the Data Sheet

Consumption CTs

We are also including Consumption CTs in the Microinverter Upgrade, with the aim of providing additional valuable features to our customers. If you are unfamiliar with installing Consumption Monitoring, you can learn more about the features here. Installing Consumption CTs also makes the system compatible for storage should the system owner choose to install AC Batteries now or down the road.
Quantity: 2 Consumption CTs per system
Download the Getting Started Guide: Current Transformer (CTs) Installation


How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

If you haven’t installed an Enphase system in a while, you’ll want to be aware of a few things that have changed:

1. The IQ Envoy comes with built-in Wi-Fi.

Follow the instructions here to connect the IQ Envoy to the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network.

2. The IQ Envoy must be hard-wired. There is no plug-in option available.

If the IQ Envoy will be installed outdoors, it must be enclosed in a weather-tight, non-metallic (for Wi-Fi signal), NRTL certified NEMA type 3R (or better) enclosure with conduit attachment. Watch the video here to learn how to install the IQ Envoy.

3. The IQ Envoy includes metering current transformer (CTs) that must be installed at the site and configured using the Installer Toolkit mobile app.

Access the Tech Brief here to review four simple principles of successful CT installation. Or, learn how to use the Meter Wizard in the Installer Toolkit mobile app in an upcoming webinar.

About the Process

  • 1. Coordinate with system owner

    The upgrade process will begin when the legacy system owner signs up for the Microinverter Upgrade. System owners can choose their existing installer, or if they don't have an installer, we will match then with an Enphase installer in their area. Once the system owner signs up for the upgrade, we will pass their information to the installer to begin reviewing the system information and moving forward with the upgrade.

  • 2. Quote and schedule the installation

    Work directly with the system owner to quote and schedule the upgrade installation. The system owner will purchase the equipment directly from Enphase (see Step 3), but labor costs will be quoted and billed directly by you, the installer. Allow 2-3 weeks for the equipment to be ordered and shipped from the Enphase warehouse.

  • 3. Review equipment list before it's shipped

    As you work with the system owner to coordinate the logistics of the upgrade and schedule the installation, we will send the system owner a link where they can confirm their payment details for the upgrade equipment. The equipment will be shipped directly to the site address, unless otherwise requested by the system owner. The installer and the system owner will be notified when the product has shipped.

  • 4. Perform the upgrade

    On the day of the upgrade:

    1. Remove the old equipment (old Microinverters, Enphase Cable and Envoy)
    2. Arrange to recycle the old equipment through an authorized e-waste facility
    3. Install new equipment
    4. Follow safety guidelines throughout

Have questions about the upgrade program?

Contact a team member.