Enphase University is live!

Enroll today to earn your Ensemble Installation Certification! Visit the new Enphase University to see how it works, view learning paths and get started.

Prep for Ensemble Installation Certification training

Learn the basics in one of our webinars

Don’t forget our on-demand and live webinars are available if you want a quick introduction to Ensemble technology. It’s a great way to be introduced to the technical and marketing aspects of this amazing new technology before you enroll in Enphase University to earn your Ensemble Installation Certification.

Make sure you have an account in Enlighten

To start taking courses through Enphase University, you'll need an account in Enlighten. If you don't have an Enlighten account, sign-up for one through your company’s Enlighten account administrator. If you are not able to create an account with your company email address, your personal email address can be associated with the company. You can also create an account directly in Enlighten, but please note the Enlighten account under which the certification is achieved must be associated with the company for which you plan to commission systems. This short video will walk you through account setup with your company.

Preview Ensemble installation demonstration videos

Join Enphase Training Manager, Peter Lum, and Enphase Product Manager, Nick Soleil, in these short videos for a preview of the Enphase University Ensemble curriculum.

Introduction to retrofitting a solar only system to an Ensemble™ partial backup system

Duration - 1:43 minutes

What's in the box. Unboxing Enpower™.

Duration - 1:53 minutes

Demonstration of measuring and mounting Enpower™ smart switch

Duration - 4:41 minutes

Demonstration of main feeder input wiring for Enpower™

Duration - 4:16 minutes

Demonstration of main output feeder wiring for Enpower™

Duration - 3:17 minutes

Demonstration of DER input wiring (solar and storage) for Enpower™

Duration - 11:17 minutes

What's in the box. Unboxing Encharge™.

Duration - 3:25 minutes

Demonstration of measuring and mounting Encharge™ storage system

Duration - 6:26 minutes

Demonstration of Ensemble™ system power up sequence

Duration - 3:01 minutes

Hands-on trainings to resume when the country reopens


With the advance of COVID-19 cases, we made the decision to postpone all in-person Ensemble technology training events.

Fortunately, we've been able to pivot to online training with the launch of Enphase University. Through Enphase University we enable installers like you to earn a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification that will take you through your first Ensemble installation while we await a resumption of in-person trainings. Sign up for Enphase University, or learn about all available courses here.

Rescheduling in-person training

We expect to resume in-person training later this year, the global pandemic permitting. We will email registered attendees of postponed classes first, when the new training schedule becomes available. We will open up training to all other students after we have met the needs of our original registrants.