What is a tariff/rate structure?

The electric rate is the price you pay per unit of electricity to your energy utility or retailer. The electricity tariff (or rate) structure is the combination of rates, additional charges, and other rules that determine how your electricity bill is calculated.

Your AC Batteries can be configured to behave differently depending on your tariff/rate structure:

  • If your home is on a Single Rate tariff, you pay the same rate for electricity at all times of the day. If your batteries are configured for this kind of tariff, they will discharge whenever your home’s energy consumption exceeds the amount of solar generation, regardless of the time of day.

  • If your home is on a Time of Use tariff, the rate you pay for electricity depends on the time of day. The rate is lowest during the “off-peak” times of day, and there are one or more “peak” periods when the rate is higher. If your batteries are configured for this kind of tariff, the Envoy controls their charge and discharge behavior to ensure that stored energy is saved for use when electricity cost is highest.

If your system includes AC Batteries and they have been configured with your tariff/rate structure, you can see this information on energy graph on the overview screen by clicking the $ icon in the upper-right corner of the graph.

If your installer did not enter your tariff/rate structure for you, or if you need to make changes, you can do so by following these instructions.

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