What should I know if my system uses a cellular modem for reporting to Enlighten?

Learn how Enlighten updates your system data if you use a cellular modem at your site

If your system has a cellular modem for reporting data to Enlighten, the Envoy sends information to MyEnlighten about how the system is performing every four hours, at 3 am (03:00), 9 am (09:00), 3 pm (15:00), and 9 pm (21:00) local time.

If you are looking at the current day and don’t see recent data, the Envoy is collecting it to send at the next scheduled reporting time. The row of dots across the bottom of the grid or graph represent pending data. The dotted line starts at the time the Envoy last reported data, and extends to the current time. When you hover over the dotted line, on-screen text explains why the data is not present and displays the next expected report time.


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