What is the Envoy?

Get details on the Enphase Envoy and how it works as part of your system

The Enphase Envoy is a communications gateway that collects information about how your system is performing and transmits that information over the Internet to MyEnlighten. There are several different versions of the Envoy as pictured below. 

The Envoy periodically collects production data from your microinverters, and your production meter, if you have a production meter installed. (The Envoy also collects energy usage data, if you have optional consumption metering installed.)  The Envoy then compiles collected data into a report that is sent to MyEnlighten on a regular reporting cycle. The Envoy is effectively the messenger between your system and MyEnlighten.

Has your Envoy lost its connection to Enlighten? Visit our Envoy Offline Tutorial here for assistance.

The Envoy communicates with the other solar hardware in your system over your home’s electrical wiring; this is called powerline communications. There is no wireless communication between the Envoy and your microinverters or your Enphase storage solution. (Your Envoy may connect wirelessly to MyEnlighten, but that is a separate communications path from the powerline communications used to communicate with equipment on site.)

During installation of your system, your solar installer placed the Envoy in the best location for powerline communication, so it is important that you do NOT unplug or move it. Otherwise, you will interrupt collection of data that would normally be reported to MyEnlighten.

In addition to its messenger role, the Envoy is also the control hub that implements any Advanced Grid Functions that may be required by your utility, like export limiting required in Hawaii. The Envoy also manages the charge and discharge of your Enphase storage solution if you have one installed.

If you are a solar professional searching for information about Envoy installation and configuration, search for "How to install the Envoy" in our Solar Professional support pages.

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