My system’s meter has stopped reporting. How do I fix this?

Review an explanation of your system's meter and what might be involved if it isn't reporting data

If you see a message like this at the top of MyEnlighten, it usually means that the RGM (revenue grade meter) has stopped communicating with the Envoy.​​​​​​

Revenue grade meters may only be installed with an Envoy that looks like the one below. 

(If you have received the message "Envoy Not Reporting", or "Your system hasn't reported data to Enlighten for..." this is unrelated to revenue-grade metering. See the page here to troubleshoot your offline Envoy.)

Troubleshoot Meter Not Reporting Error

Follow these steps in the order listed to restore RGM communication with the Envoy:

  • Make sure that the USB ZigBee radio stick is fully inserted into the Envoy.


  • Some Envoys have a second USB port. Try moving the USB stick to the other port.
  • Power cycle (unplug the power cord from AC outlet, then plug back in) the Envoy.

After performing these activities, wait 15 minutes, then check your system status in MyEnlighten. If your system’s meter is still not reporting, contact your solar professional.

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