Monitor your Customers’ Envoy Not Reporting status and other Maintenance Alerts

The best way to keep a close eye on any maintenance alerts of your customers’ site is to create a widget on your Enlighten Manager dashboard.

How to add “Maintenance Alerts” widget on your Dashboard?

  1. Login to your Enlighten Manager page and go to the “Dashboard” section. If you are not able to see “Maintenance Alerts” widget on your dashboard, just click on “add a widget” button on the top right corner of the dashboard screen.
  2. Dashboard

  3. Scroll down the pop-up menu till you see “Maintenance Alerts” widgets. Once you see it, click “Add to Dashboard”. Skip this step if you already have a Maintenance Alerts widget on your dashboard.
  4. Maintenance Alerts


How to add “Envoy Not Reporting” alert under Maintenance Alerts widget on Dashboard?

  1. Now that you can see “Maintenance Alerts” widget on your dashboard, you will have to create an alert for “Envoy Not reporting”.
  2. Select “All” for your systems and “Envoy Not Reporting” for alert type. Click on Save and this will create an alert as shown in the screenshots.
  3. Envoy Not Reporting

  4. Click on “View all” and this will take you to “Systems Page” where you will be able to see all your sites having “Envoy not Reporting Alert”.
  5. Envoy Not Reporting

    Envoy Not Reporting


How to export “Envoy not Reporting” systems’ list on an Excel sheet?

  1. On your systems page, click on drop down menu under “Status” and select “Envoy not Reporting” alert and hit search. This will bring up all the systems having Envoy not reporting alert.
  2. Envoy Not Reporting

  3. You can export this list on an Excel sheet by clicking on Excel Icon below search bar on the top right corner.
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