How to find an Envoy to Connect to?

Installer Toolkit 3.0 has removed the ability to directly ‘Connect to Envoy’ and only allows users to connect to Envoy if they have been provided access to the system explicitly either by the homeowner or by the installer.

Hence, users can connect to an Envoy, only if they have access and can view the system in the toolkit.

To connect to an Envoy,

  • Search for the system using site name, ID or ZIP code

    Search for the system
  • Open the system and go to ‘Envoy connectivity’ (step 4)

    Envoy connectivity
  • Turn on the AP mode button on the Envoy and connect to Envoy Wi-fi, on your phone

  • The Toolkit should display the Envoy details and connectivity status.

    Envoy details and connectivity status
  • You will now be able to access all the device data and perform provisioning, meter configuration and other operations connected to the Envoy.

Note: If you do not have access to the site, either

  1. Request the original installer to provide the access or

  2. Request the homeowner to provide access to the system by using ‘Request System Access’ feature under support. Enter the serial number of the Envoy to submit the request. The homeowner will be sent an email to confirm the access.

    Request System Access