How do I reset my password?

Get the steps to change or reset your Enlighten password

If you are logged in:

  1. Select the Account tab.
  2. Click Reset Password from the Account menu.
  3. Enter the password fields as indicated.
  4. Click Reset Password. Enlighten confirms the change with the Your password has been reset successfully message.

If you’ve forgotten your password and can’t log in, click the Forgot your password? link on the Enlighten Login Screen and follow instructions to reset your password.

If you are a homeowner who has just recently created an Enlighten account on your own, your installer may not yet have associated your account with the hardware installed on your site. Until there is an association of your account to a system, you will be unable to access Enlighten. To learn more about what to expect in the installation and commissioning processes for your system, visit the page here.

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