How do I configure the Envoy-S with a static IP address?

WARNING: Do not change the Envoy DHCP setting to use a static IP address unless you also reserve the same IP address on the broadband router. See the section on DHCP reservations in the router instructions. Failure to reserve the static IP address on the router will result in duplicate IP addresses and intermittent Internet connection problems with the Envoy.

When the Envoy is using Ethernet to connect with Enlighten, connect to the Envoy-S Local Interface and select > to view Ethernet configuration information. Enter the following credentials:

Username: envoy
Password: nnnnnn (where nnnnnn are the last six digits of the Envoy-S serial number)

From here you can set up for static IP or reset the IP address, if needed.

  • To use a static IP address, select Use Static IP and enter information as needed.
  • Select Update. The application asks you to confirm (This may interrupt communications with the Envoy-S and require you to reconnect).
  • Select OK to continue, or select Cancel
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