How do I configure the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy with a static IP address?

Learn how to configure the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy with a Static IP address

WARNING: Do not change the Envoy DHCP setting to use a static IP address unless you also reserve the same IP address on the broadband router. See the section on DHCP reservations in the router instructions. Failure to reserve the static IP address on the router will result in duplicate IP addresses and intermittent Internet connection problems with the Envoy.

The instructions below are for Envoy-S or IQ Envoy units that look like the ones pictured below.

(If you are configuring a legacy Envoy, access the page here for instructions.)

If you are configuring the Envoy with a static IP address, follow the steps below:

Access the Envoy's Local Interface

With your computer or mobile device connected to the same LAN (local area network) as the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy, you can access the Envoy’s interface.

  • Use the Envoy’s built-in Wi-Fi or connect an Ethernet cable between a computer and the Envoy.
  • Open an Internet browser application on a computer or mobile device connected to the same LAN as the Envoy.
  • In the browser address window, enter https://envoy.local to view system details and status.(When there is no broadband router in the network, connect a laptop directly to the Envoy’s Ethernet port using an Ethernet cable and browse to

Once the browser has successfully connected with the Envoy, the home screen is displayed in the browser window.

Set Static IP Address

  • Click on Network on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Click on Ethernet in the Network Configuration pane.
  • Click on Use Static IP and enter information as needed.

  • Select Update. The application asks you to confirm:
    • This may interrupt communications with the Envoy and require you to reconnect.
    • Select OK to continue, or select Cancel.

View the Envoy-S Installation and User Manual or the IQ Envoy Installation and User Manual for more information.

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