How do I access the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy's local web interface?

Learn how to access the Envoy's built-in web interface from your computer or mobile device.

Connect to the same LAN (local area network) as the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy to access the Envoy’s interface. Use the Envoy’s built-in Wi-Fi or AP Mode to connect.


If your Envoy is configured for Wi-Fi operation, it should already be connected to your home network. Since you computer or mobile device should also be connected to your home network, you are ready to jump to Access the Envoy's Interface below.

AP Mode

If your Envoy is using a cellular modem to connect to the Internet you will have to create a network that both your Envoy and your computer or mobile device can join. The Envoy comes with a built-in access point functionality (AP Mode) to create a temporary, "mini-LAN" you can join. On your Envoy, briefly press the AP Mode button. The AP Mode button is right below the mobile phone icon on your Envoy.

(Take care not to hold the AP Mode button for 5 or more seconds. This will initiate WPS pairing, which is not needed at this time.)

Now navigate to Wi-Fi settings on your computer or mobile device. You will see the Envoy has created a network with the name Envoy_XXXXXX, where the last six digits of the SSID are the last six digits of the Envoy's serial number. Join the Envoy's network. You are ready to connect to the Envoy's interface.

NOTE: When using a phone with Android 9 installed, you may face some difficulty connecting to the Envoy in AP mode. If this happens, disable mobile data on your phone (More information on this topic here).

Access the Envoy's Interface

Open an Internet browser application on your computer or mobile device connected to the same LAN as the Envoy.

In the browser address window, enter http://envoy.local to view system details and status.

If there are additional Envoy units on the network, you can access them by entering the following strings in the browser window:

Once the browser has successfully connected with the Envoy, the home screen is displayed in the browser window.

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