How can I see that my AC Batteries are working?

The MyEnlighten desktop application shows you how all of your AC Batteries are working as a part of your Enphase Home Energy System. If you want to see what an individual battery is doing at any given moment, you can look at the LED on the unit.

At the top of the MyEnlighten overview screen, you’ll see the system status indicator, which lets you know that everything is working properly (the green check “Normal” indicator), or informs you if there is a problem. This area also shows you the current state of charge of your AC Batteries:

At the bottom of the overview screen, the daily energy graph provides detailed information about your system’s behavior through the day, broken up into 15-minute periods. Above the graph is a diagram to help you understand the flow of energy into and out of your home over the course of the day, including the amount of energy that was stored in and discharged from your AC Batteries.

As you slide your cursor across the bar graph, the circle in the middle of the diagram shows your home’s energy consumption for that 15-minute period. This circle is color-coded to indicate the source of the energy that was consumed during that time. Energy that came from your solar energy system is in blue, energy that came from the utility grid is in grey, and energy that came from the AC Batteries is in green.

During periods in the middle of the day when your solar energy system produced more energy than your home consumed, the diagram shows how much of the excess energy was exported to the grid and how much was stored in the AC Batteries.

A smaller graph below the daily energy graph shows the state of charge of the AC Batteries over the course of the day. This graph will typically show a gradual uphill slope during daylight hours as the batteries are charged from the solar energy system and a downhill slope in the evening as the batteries discharge to meet the household’s energy consumption needs after the sun goes down.

If your system is set up with a Time of Use tariff, your batteries may charge from the grid overnight in preparation for peak electricity pricing in the morning. In this case, you’ll see an additional area on the graph showing the batteries charging overnight and discharging when the morning peak pricing starts.

You can also quickly check the status of your AC Batteries using the Enlighten mobile app. Simply tap through to the STORAGE screen from the Status screen in the app. For detailed information about the performance of your batteries over time, simply tap through to the Energy screen in the app.

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