How can I see how much energy my system has produced over its lifetime?

The MyEnlighten production screen provides an at-a-glance view of your system’s energy production as a grid of square tiles (or graph). Each of the square tiles represents a unit of time based on what you have selected to view (Months, Days or Hours). You can view the lifetime values for your system by logging into MyEnlighten on your desktop and clicking the Lifetime Values option below the energy production for the selected time period.

(The screenshot below is from a sample system. Log in to MyEnlighten to access your data.)

In addition to the amount of energy produced over your system’s lifetime, MyEnlighten also displays energy equivalents. Click the Setting Icon icon to cycle through different equivalents.

You can also access your lifetime production in the Enlighten mobile app. Simply tap through to the SOLAR screen.

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