How can I grant a new installer access to my system in Enlighten?

Learn how you can give an new installer or service provider access to your system in Enlighten

If you have a new installer or maintenance company in need of access to your system data via Enlighten, cut and paste the email template below into an email to send to them. Make sure you use the same email address in installer communication that is used to log into your system in Enlighten.

Once the new company has completed the defined steps, you will receive an email from Enlighten (from asking you to grant access to the new company.

Warning: Only accept system access requests from installers you intend to have access to your system for a specific reason, e.g. troubleshooting or upgrade activities, etc. Don't accept system access requests if you are unsure of the source of the request.

Email template for the company you wish to engage is below. Be sure to update the last line with the email address you use to access Enlighten.

Dear Installer,

This email provides instructions for how you may gain access to my Enphase Microinverter system in Enlighten for the reasons we discussed.

Please follow this link to a help topic explaining how you can ask for system access:

The email address used in the Enlighten account for my system is: [paste Enlighten email address here].

Kind Regards,


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