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Installing with Enphase

Ease of installation is one of the reasons so many installers choose Enphase. Here, you can get into the details of the work that happens at the installation site.
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Rooftop Work (microinverters and cabling)

The rooftop work for an Enphase system follows an easy, step-by-step process. Use the overview below as your guide or dig into the details in each of the sections that follow.

  1. Position the Enphase AC cabling
  2. Install an AC branch circuit junction box / isolator
  3. Attach the microinverters to the PV racking
  4. Create a paper installation map
  5. Ground the microinverters (if required)
  6. Dress the Enphase cabling
  7. Connect the microinverters to the Enphase cabling
  8. Terminate the unused end of the Enphase cabling and seal any unused cable connections
  9. Connect the Enphase cabling to the AC branch circuit junction box
  10. Connect the PV Modules to the microinverters

After you’ve completed the rooftop work, you’ll complete electrical work on the ground and you'll install the Envoy. Then you’ll energize the system and complete commissioning using the Installer Toolkit mobile app.

IQ Microinverter Rooftop Installation
IQ Microinverter Rooftop Installation
Get started with this short introduction to the installation of IQ Micros
Best Practices
Best Practices
Review the best practices for installing the Enphase Microinverter System.
Assemble the Q Cable Terminator
Assemble the Q Cable Terminator
Watch a demonstration of how to properly assemble the Q Cable Terminator for the Enphase IQ System.
Assemble the Q Field Wireable Connectors
Assemble the Q Field Wireable Connectors
Watch a demonstration of how to assemble the Q Field Wireable Connectors.

System Compatibility

The IQ System uses the 2-wire Q-Cable and a new line-to-line power line communications protocol. When using the IQ Micros take care to use only the IQ Envoy and Q Accessories. Double-check to ensure that the component part number on the box includes “Q” or “IQ”. The IQ System is not compatible with our previous systems.

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Communications and Control (Envoy)

The Envoy is the monitoring and control appliance for the system, and it communicates with system components over the AC power lines at the site and with Enlighten over an Internet connection.

Successful installation and commissioning of the Envoy means that power line communications are good and the Envoy is reporting to Enlighten.

If the Envoy is unable to communicate with system components, operations may be impaired. If the Envoy is not connected to the Internet, the homeowner will be unable to monitor their system in Enlighten, and you won't be able to perform remote operations and maintenance.

The sections below cover the physical installation of the Envoy. On our Commissioning page, we'll step you through configuring your Envoy and how to connect it to the Internet.

Installing the Envoy

Follow these simple steps to get the job done. Refer to the resources below for additional information.

  1. Choose a location for the Envoy
  2. Provide a power connection
  3. Install metering CTs (if required)
  4. Energize the Envoy
IQ Envoy Installation
IQ Envoy Installation
In this video, we will walk through the process for installing the IQ Envoy.

Installing the IQ Combiner Box

The IQ Combiner is a subpanel for any single-phase system of up to four circuits, and includes the metered Envoy or the integrated Envoy PCB (printed circuit board).

Introducing the IQ Combiner 3
Introducing the IQ Combiner 3
Learn how the IQ Combiner 3 gives you more installation options
Installing the Optional Electrical Receptacle in the IQ Combiner 3
Installing the Optional Electrical Receptacle in the IQ Combiner 3
Learn how to install the AC outlet in the IQ Combiner 3 for optional accessories like Ethernet over powerline adapters
IQ Combiner Resources
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Main Circuit Panel (metering)

Follow the guides below or watch the videos that follow for a step-by-step approach to successful CT installation. We'll cover how to verify operation and enable the meters you have installed on our Commissioning page.

Production Metering
Production Metering
Learn how to install the Enphase Production Current Transformer for revenue grade metering and storage readiness using the standalone IQ Envoy (or Envoy-S Metered).
Consumption Metering
Consumption Metering
Learn how to install the Enphase Consumption Current Transformer for consumption monitoring and storage readiness with the IQ Envoy, the IQ Combiner 3, or the IQ Combiner 3C..