What is the username and password for the administration page of the Envoy local interface?

The login credential for your Envoy local interface will depend on your Envoy model.

I have an Envoy S, IQ Envoy or IQ Combiner

My Envoy looks like above

Envoy username: envoy
Envoy password: last six digits of the Envoy’s serial number

I have an Envoy R or an LCD Envoy

My Envoy looks like above

Envoy username: admin
Envoy password: Get your password from within the Enlighten app by following the below steps:

How to get your Envoy password?
  1. Open the Enlighten app and navigate into Menu > System > Devices > Envoy. You should see the below screen.

  2. On this screen click on ‘Click here’ under the envoy for which you want to retrieve the password.

  3. You will need this password to reconnect your Envoy to your Wi-Fi. This typically happens when the Wi-Fi password or service provider has changed. Click here to learn more.