What is the CPUC eligibility criteria for Residential?

There are two categories of new, higher rebates for SGIP –

a) Small residential storage – For regular households in CA, presently up to $200 / kWh

b) Residential storage equity and Equity Resiliency

  • Equity” – Single family home (with resale home restriction or have participated in Single-family affordable homes (SASH) or if you live in apartment then it should come under low-income house. HO can receive $850 per Kilowatt hour (Know more).
  • Equity Resiliency” – You have experienced two or more utility Public Safety Power Shut-offs (PSPSs) OR live in a Tier 2 or 3 High Fire Threat District (HFTD) and you live in multifamily deed (know more). HO can receive $1000 per kilowatt hour

Both categories aim to ensure lower-income, medically vulnerable, and at-risk for fire communities are at the front of the line to receive competitive incentives for battery storage. Note: For PG&E the residential budget is exhausted for 2020.