How do I create a new system in Enphase Installer Toolkit?

Once you log in to the new Enphase Installer Toolkit, you will be asked to select a default grid profile. This allows you to view all your systems on the "Systems" tab. You can tap the "+" mark in your "Systems" tab to create a new system.

  • Step 1: Enter system details (name, reference id, type of system etc.) and owner details
  • Step 2: Add your microinverters, ACBs and Ensemble devices and scan them. Also, build arrays through online Array builder
  • Step 3: Set "Time of use" or "Single rate" Tariff details (optional)
  • Step 4: Connect to your Envoy using Envoy Wi-Fi
  • Step 5: Provision your microinverters and other devices
  • Step 6: Configure production and consumption meters
  • Step 7: Generate and share summary report

The system created will immediately be synched to Enlighten. If you have created the system offline, the system will be synched the next time you are connected to the internet.