How do I use the Menu button on the Envoy?

Envoy Menu

To access the Envoy LCD menu, use the Menu button located on the right side of the Envoy.

  • Press and hold the Menu button. After two seconds, the menu options appear in the LCD screen.
  • Continue holding the Menu button to scroll through menu options.
  • To select a menu option, release the Menu button when the desired option is displayed.

Menu options appear in the following order:

  1. Exit Menu
  2. Enable Device Scan
  3. Disable Device Scan
  4. Enable Communication Check
  5. Disable Communication Check
  6. Enable Wi-Fi AP (if USB Wi-Fi adapter is present)
  7.  Enable Wi-Fi WPS (if USB Wi-Fi adapter is present)
  8. View Grid Configuration
  9. Get New IP Address
  10. Enable Connection to Enphase
  11. Disable Connection to Enphase
  12. View Serial Number
  13. Select New Locale