How do I read the Envoy LCD?

Envoy Display


IP Address:

  • If the Envoy displays an IP Address of, it is not yet connected to the local network. For help with networking issues, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the Envoy Installation and Operation Manual.

Enlighten Connection:

  • +Web indicates successful reporting to Enlighten.
  • -Web indicates that the Envoy is not reporting data to Enlighten. 

Current Production:

  • Energy production data gathered from the number of devices (microinverters) displayed to the right.

Total Production:

  • The lifetime power production of the entire system as collected by this Envoy.

Number of Devices (microinverters) Reporting Production:

  • The number of microinverters reporting current production to the Envoy.
  • NOTE:  If the number indicates fewer microinverters than are actually installed, there may be a communication issue or a physical issue with the array.


  • The Envoy is rated at +/- 5% accuracy and will not report the same production as a revenue grade meter (rated at +/- 1% accuracy or better).
  • The Envoy production will not be identical to the production shown in Enlighten.