How do I "Enable a Connection to Enphase" from the Envoy?

Enable a Connection to Enphase

A Connection to Enphase can be enabled for remote support, either by using Installer Toolkit, or by using an Envoy button press.

To use Installer Toolkit, view the Overview page, navigate to the "Connection to Enphase Support", and press the "Open Connection" button.

To use an Envoy button press:

  • If you have an Envoy-S or IQ Envoy, press and hold the two buttons down for 3 seconds. Release both buttons and all four LEDs will blink green for three seconds to indicate the connection is established.
  • If your Envoy has an LCD, press and hold the menu button on the right side of the Envoy. Release the menu button when "Enable Connection to Enphase" displays on the LCD screen.