How do I Enable AP Mode on the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy?

AP Mode

Wireless AP Mode allows you to connect to the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy using your mobile device. Once connected, you can complete the activation of a system using the Installer Toolkit or access real time data on the Envoy.

(Wireless AP Mode access with a legacy Envoy requires use of a supplementary Wi-Fi stick and is not covered in this post. View the video here for more information.)

To view a quick demonstration of this process, access the iOS AP Mode video here or the Android AP Mode video here.

To enable Wireless AP Mode on the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy:

  1. Press and release (do not hold) the AP Mode button () until the AP Mode LED () lights solid green. The Envoy will remain in AP Mode for eight hours.
  2. Select Settings on your mobile device and then select Wi-Fi. Tap “ENVOY_nnnnnn” (where “nnnnnn” represents the final six digits of the Envoy serial number) from the list of available networks.

Once connected to the Envoy via your mobile device, you can: 

  • Scan microinverter serial numbers and sync system information with Enlighten monitoring software.
  • View and email a summary report that confirms a successful installation.

For more information, visit the Installer Toolkit Online Help.