Has your Envoy been replaced?

You'll need to send us some information so we can update your system

If you have had your Envoy replaced recently, then the new envoy details must be associated with your MyEnlighten account.

By doing this, the site will update the new Envoy details and clear the “System not reporting” account status indicator.

Homeowners with MyEnlighten account can contact their installers or site maintainers for assistance.

You can also contact Enphase customer support for assistance and provide the following information:

1. Your site ID or the serial number for your old Envoy

Need help finding your site ID? Here's how to find it.

2. The serial number for your new Envoy

If you do not know the serial number for your new Envoy, you can find it on your Envoy device or you may contact your installer for assistance.

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