Reconnecting your IQ Combiner

Let's get your IQ Combiner back online

Before we get started reconnecting your IQ Combiner, it's helpful to know what your IQ Combiner will look like when it's successfully reconnected:

When your IQ Combiner has connected successfully, the top LED light will be solid green.

First, make sure your IQ Combiner is powered on.

If none of the LEDs on your IQ Combiner are lit, it is not powered on. Turn off and on the breaker feeding your IQ Combiner or unplug and plug back in the device. If the IQ Combiner fails to power up, it may need to be replaced. Please contact customer support for assistance.

Next, check what type of connection your IQ Combiner has.

You can see how it's connected to the Internet by accessing your Enlighten account and following the steps below:

  1. Access MyEnlighten Overview pane
  2. Scroll to the System Details pane
  3. Open System Details and note the type of connection in use

Select your IQ Combiner's connection type

Select your IQ Combiner's connection type from the options below:

My IQ Combiner is connected via Wi-Fi:

My IQ Combiner is connected via cellular connection:

My IQ Combiner is connected via Ethernet:

Can't find your IQ Combiner?

If you're having trouble locating your system's IQ Combiner, go here.

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