Finding your Envoy

If your system is having connectivity issues, you may need to locate the Envoy to start the troubleshooting process

The Enphase Envoy is a communications gateway that collects information about how your system is performing and transmits that information over the Internet to MyEnlighten. There are several different versions of the Envoy as pictured below:

Your Envoy may be tucked away in a utility room. Or your Envoy may be found in your garage or outside in a water-tight enclosure near your electrical circuit breaker panel or near an electrical sub-panel for your array.

Your Envoy may be in a water-tight enclosure

Watertight enclosures can take a variety of forms, but some of the most commonly used are much like the Enphase AC Combiner Box pictured below. If you open the enclosure, you’ll find the Envoy inside.

Here's what the water-tight enclosure looks like when it's closed:

When it's open, you will see the Envoy inside:

What type of Envoy do you have?

Determine what kind of Envoy you have based on the images below:

Image of two Envoy-S products, one with black case and one with white case

This is the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy

LCD Envoy product image

This is the LCD Envoy

EMU product image

This is the EMU

Still having trouble finding your Envoy?

If you can't locate your system's Envoy, you may need to reach out a local installer. If you don't have an existing installer, you can find one using the Enphase Installer Locator.

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