Reconnecting your Envoy

Reconnecting your Envoy using a cellular connection

Now that we've determined that your Envoy is connected to the Internet via a cellular connection, let's walk through the steps to reset your Multi-Tech cellular modem and reconnect your Envoy to Enlighten. A complete installation guide for your cellular modem can be found here.

Follow these steps to get your Envoy back online:
  1. Locate your Mutli-Tech cellular modem.

    The Multi-Tech modem has the following status LEDs:
    • Power
    • LS (Link Status)
    • Signal
    The following tables list LED indicator status. The LEDs may be difficult to see if you view them from an angle. View the LEDs straight on.
    LED Indicates
    Indicates Off DC power not present
    Indicates On DC power present

    LS (Link Status)
    LED Indicates
    Not Lit There is no power to the cellular radio.
    Lit Solid Signal not detected or SIM is not installed.
    Slow Blink Connected to the network.

    LED Description Indicates
    All Off Very weak signal
    Bar 1 ON Weak signal
    Bar 1 and 2 ON Good signal
    Bar 1,2 and 3 ON Very good signal

    Your Multi-Tech cellular modem may be a standalone unit inside your home, but it is more likely mounted inside an enclosure like the Enphase AC Combiner box, along with your Envoy. Need help finding your Envoy?

  2. Unplug the USB cable from the Envoy

    If your cellular modem connects with a Y-cable, disconnect both USB connectors. (It does not matter which connector goes into which USB port.)

  3. Power Off the Envoy and after two minutes, Power On by unplugging and re-plugging the power cord.
    If your Envoy does not have a power cord, then you can power Off the Envoy and then after two minutes, Power On by flipping the Envoy's circuit breaker open and close again.

  4. Confirm that the modem antenna is orientated vertically
  5. Reconnect the USB cable to the Envoy. This will power up the modem and cause it to join the (AT&T) cellular network.
  6. If the cloud light is still not green on your Envoy, remove the SIM card and make sure the pins are clean by wiping with a clean cloth.
  7. Re-insert the SIM card, Reconnect the USB cables and wait until the Envoy has completed its booting cycle.
  8. If the issue persists, then replace the SIM card.

Check if the connection was successful

Does the top LED on your Envoy, next to the cloud icon, light up solid green, like the image below?

If the top LED lights up solid green: Congratulations! You're back online. Your system now needs to re-sync, which can take anywhere from an hour to a few days depending on how long your system was offline. Continue on to the final step: what to expect when your Envoy is reconnected to the Internet.

Why don't I see my production data even after my Envoy has been reconnected to the internet?

Don't worry if you don't see your production data or the top light of the Envoy is red, even after reconnecting your Envoy back to the internet. It takes some time for the backed-up data to sync up with Enlighten. Typically, it takes about 1 hour for each day of your Envoy being offline. For example, if your Envoy was offline for 30 days your system should fully sync up in about 30 hours.

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