Enphase software updates - 21.03.02

What’s new?

We’re always trying to improve your experience. With our new software updates, every installation gets faster, easier, and better. Here’s how:

Faster commissioning with remote upgrades

The new remote Envoy software upgrade allows you to commission Enphase Storage faster for retrofit sites via the Enlighten Manager. Follow these steps to upgrade Envoy software:

  • In the Enlighten Manager, open the activation page for a retrofit site.

  • In the Envoy section, select the microinverter type from the Microinverter SKU dropdown.

  • Enable the ‘Does this site have storage?’ check box.

  • Click Upgrade Envoy to initiate the upgrade.

Enlighten Manager remote Envoy software upgrade
Features for hassle-free installations

We just released Installer Toolkit 3.0.15​

  1. For all installers
    • Provides important events or updates through a banner when you log in to the app. You can access banners from the notices section on the support screen.
    • Allows you to enter network details manually when the Envoy does not identify a new network.
    • Auto-fills address based on the street name you enter.
    • Scans devices more accurately with an improved scanning algorithm.
    • Ensures successful device provisioning by first updating the Envoy software and then enabling the ‘Start provisioning devices’ button.
    • Re-directs homeowners to the Enlighten app when they try to login to the Installer Toolkit.
    • Customizes the app size by downloading the right Envoy software for your location.

  2. For Enphase Storage installers

    Meter Wizard enhancements

    • PV’s turn-on timer is configurable based on grid profile.
    • Additional diagrams that assist installers in re-wiring a faulty CT connection.
    • Alert that warns you not to place the consumption CT on the load side of Enpower.

Visit https://community.enphase.com/s/article/Enphase-Installer-Toolkit-ITK-Release-Notes-3-0-15 for detailed release notes.

New features for homeowners

Four new features that make Enphase Storage simple and easy to use for homeowners.

  1. Text message notifications

    Homeowners will receive alerts via text message when the grid goes down or comes back up. That means that they can swing into action just in time to ensure Enphase Storage does not run out on them.

  2. Enhanced app menu

    The Enlighten Menu has a new tile layout that helps homeowners find what they need quickly. We've also simplified the navigation by reducing the options under each menu item.

  3. Battery prioritization  

    During peak hours, homeowners can now prioritize the battery as a first choice, solar as the second choice, and the grid as the third choice. Any excess solar not used by the home gets exported to the grid.

  4. Redesigned email notifications   

    New emails notify homeowners of a system error or alert and a lot more. They get recommendations, updates on exciting discussions in the Enphase Community, metrics such as site ID, and links to support, all in one email.

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