Enlighten Software Updates - 21.04.1

What’s new?

We’re always trying to improve your experience. With our new software updates, every installation gets faster, easier, and better. Here’s how:

Faster commissioning with remote Envoy upgrades

Our new remote Envoy software upgrade allows you to commission Enphase Storage faster for new installations via the Enlighten Manager. Follow these steps below to upgrade your Envoy software:

  • In Enlighten Manager, create a system instance using an Envoy serial number on the activation page.

  • Ensure that the Envoy is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular and reports successfully to Enlighten.

  • In the Envoy section of the interface, select the microinverter type from the SKU dropdown.

  • Enable the ‘Does this site have storage?’ check box.

  • Click Upgrade Envoy to initiate the upgrade.

Enlighten Manager remote Envoy software upgrade
Pre-Commissioning Permit dates in activation flow

This feature will allow you to capture all pre-commissioning dates within Enlighten Manager activation pages before you visit the homeowner site for commissioning.
Capture the following information during system set-up.

  • Contract signed date
  • Permit AHJ
  • Permit Application date
  • Permit approval date
  • Hardware Installation (begin) date

Note: If the dates are different for solar and storage, that should be by checking "Solar and Storage dates are different.”

Text notification for critical alerts
Re-designed Installer registration page:
Text notification for critical alerts

The Enlighten Registration page is being updated to make the available options clearer. In a case where the name/address of the company matches an existing company, a warning will be shown asking the user to reach out to their admin for resolution. Also, registration will now be done via a verification code rather than an activation link.

Array bug fixes addressed in this release

We received complaints about the new array builder and the following bugs were fixed.

  • Array builder does not open in Firefox browser
  • Array builder does not get saved for large commercial systems
  • Array builder does not get saved for D380 microinverters
  • Arrays get dislocated/disappeared when users try to select module to assign microinverters
  • Array builder does not get saved once serial numbers are scanned through ITK
  • Array builder doesn’t allow to create array with more than 1000 microinverters
  • Array builder throws channel id in use error when saved
  • Array builder throws check your internet connection error when saved
  • Array in array view disappears when zoomed in or out
  • Array builder allows serial numbers from other systems as well

 In addition we also added a few additional features

  • Once a microinverter scanning is done, it is auto advanced to the next module
  • ’Add new array’ can be done even from left menu under array section
  • When a new array is created it gets highlighted and other arrays gets faded
  • Retired microinverters are not listed in microinverters section
  • Left menu section is kept open while microinverters are being assigned to an array
  • Added an option to undo/redo changes
  • Microinverters are sorted in order of scanning by default and choice is given to sort alphabetically
  • Ability to select part of subarray by holding shift key and move it together
New feature for homeowners

Energy Independence setting for Savings Mode

We are introducing a new Energy Independence setting under Savings Mode. This new option under Savings Mode further reduces reliance on the energy grid after peak hours, lowering monthly utility bills for homeowners as they transition to 100% energy independence.

When this new Savings Mode setting is turned on by the homeowner, their Enphase system will start to take full advantage of all available battery power, around the clock, 24/7. For those homeowners who prefer to reserve some battery power for emergencies, this feature can be toggled off. (It initially defaults to ‘off.’)

Text notification for critical alerts

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