Enlighten mobile new features

What’s new?

Here are four new features that place even more power in the palm of your hand.

  1. Text message notifications

    Backup power is critical during an outage. Our all-new text messages alert you when the grid goes down or is back up. Now, you can swing into action as soon as the grid goes down to ensure you have backup power when you need it the most.

    To ensure you receive these text messages, register your mobile number on the Enlighten app as follows:

    1. On the navigation bar of the Enlighten mobile application, click Menu.

    2. Select Account to view the Account dialog box.

    3. Select My Information and enter your mobile phone number in the Mobile field.

    4. Click Save Changes.

    Text notification for critical alerts
  2. Enhanced app menu

    A good mobile app is always intuitive. That's why the menu has a new tile layout that helps you find what you need quickly. You’ll notice that we've also simplified the navigation by reducing the options under each menu item. Now, you can find all Account settings under My Information, My Notification, and My Access.

    Text notification for critical alerts
  3. Battery prioritization

    The Savings Mode of the Enphase Storage system helps you avoid using electricity from the grid during peak hours when your electricity cost is higher. Here’s how the new enhancement to this mode can help:

    • During peak hours, your home is powered by the battery as a first choice, solar as the second choice, and the grid as the third choice. Any excess solar not used by your home gets exported to the grid.

    • During off-peak hours, your battery charges from the solar to get ready for peak hours. Your home consumption comes from excess solar.

    • Electricity gets imported from the grid when your home needs more power than solar can provide.

    In this mode, your battery reserves some energy to power your home during an outage. You can change the reserve from the battery settings page.

    Use this mode to save on your electricity bill.

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  4. Redesigned email notifications

    Email alerts should be worthy of your time. That’s why our new e-mails notify you of a system error or alert, and a lot more. You get recommendations, updates on exciting discussions in the Enphase Community, metrics such as site ID, and links to support, all in one email.

    Text notification for critical alerts

    To ensure that you receive these emails, do the following:

    1. On the navigation bar of the Enlighten mobile application, click Menu.

    2. Select Account to view the Account screen.

    3. Select My Notifications to view the My Notifications screen.

    4. Enable Notify me about system production or service-related issues checkbox.

    5. Click Save Changes.

    Text notification for critical alerts

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