Access real time data using the Enlighten mobile app

Learn how to access real time production and consumption data on your Envoy-S or IQ Envoy using the Enlighten mobile app.

If your system was installed with an Envoy-S or IQ Envoy or the IQ Combiner 3, you can access real time production and consumption data directly from the Envoy by following a few simple steps on your Enlighten mobile app.

  1. Enable AP mode on your Envoy
  2. Open the Enlighten mobile app
  3. Tap MenuEnlighten mobile status screen
  4. Tap DevicesEnlighten mobile menu screen
  5. Tap Configure under the Envoy
  6. You will see text that guides you to connect to the Envoy
  7. Without closing the Enlighten mobile app, open the Wi-Fi settings on  your mobile device. Connect to the Envoy network.
  8. Return to the app. Momentarily you will see a green Connect button. Tap to Connect.
  9. You are now connected to the Envoy and can view real time production and consumption data.


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