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Three Reasons Why Enphase Supports CALSSA (and Why You Should Too!)

Mar 23, 2020

The California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) has been one of the strongest champions of our industry. In California, CALSSA has provided support for and driven Net Energy Metering (NEM), established the California Solar Initiative, streamlined permitting, backed the California Solar Mandate for New Homes, driven $1B in rebates for storage through SGIP, and brought us the Solar for Multi-Family Homes program. This track record is more than impressive.

Enphase Energy is a proud member of CALSSA, and today we are sharing three reasons why we believe that every solar and storage company operating in the State of California should consider becoming a member of CALSSA too.

The CALSSA mission is our mission (and yours)

CALSSA’s mission is to promote the widespread deployment of smart, local, clean energy technologies. The organization does this very effectively by supporting a wide variety of businesses that do their part to build a better energy future in urban and rural communities and neighborhoods throughout the state of California. Our mission at Enphase is “to deliver technology solutions that make clean energy affordable, reliable and accessible to all.” If the CALSSA mission aligns with yours and you do business in California, we think you should join.

The work of CALSSA is critical to our work (and yours)

CALSSA supports training and networking events almost weekly for us to learn from each other. They work exclusively behind the meter to help residential, commercial and agricultural solar to help community solar. Decisions in Sacramento have a tremendous impact on the solar industry. In the upcoming year, CALSSA will lead the fight to save Net Metering (NEM). The NEM 3.0 proceedings start in July 2020 and repercussions may be felt throughout California. Every contractor in California should stand with CALSSA.

We are stronger together

As an organization, the CALSSA board and staff have worked tirelessly on behalf of the solar industry since 1977. Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director at CALSSA, runs a lean and mean team of eight people backed by 530 members, half of whom are installers.  From the one-truck installer in the Central Valley to the biggest names in the industry, we are all on the same team. Even as many members compete at the kitchen table, solar is a team sport, and CALSSA needs you on that team. Enphase has been a proud CALSSA member for more than five years.

In December 2019, CALSSA members were joined by former California Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown to celebrate the one-millionth solar roof milestone for the state’s Million Solar Roof Initiative. That milestone was thirteen years in the making, accomplished by 90% CALSSA member companies, and demonstrates that the California solar and storage industry unified through CALSSA can achieve pretty much any goal it sets its sights on.

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