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Solar Plus Storage for Hurricane Preparedness

Apr 28, 2021

Homeowner Vince Lago recently added Enphase Storage to his existing solar installation to protect his home during grid outages. Hear about his journey toward more energy independence.

Last year’s hurricane season finished with a record-breaking 30 named storms, including 12 that made landfall across the continental United States. Unfortunately, the frequency and severity of hurricanes is likely to continue. When a hurricane does make landfall, the high winds and torrential rain often cause power outages for residents that can last days or even weeks at a time.

As the Vice Mayor of Coral Gables, Florida, Vince Lago is acutely aware of his region’s susceptibility to extreme weather and power outages.

"I’ve had solar installed at my residence for about four years and the logical next step was moving to purchasing storage capacity to ensure our family was safe in case of an outage from a hurricane, where we in the past have experienced outages of three to four weeks,” said Vince Lago.

Vince worked with Cutler Bay Solar Solutions in 2016 to install an 11-kilowatt Enphase Solar system consisting of 44 Enphase IQ 7™ microinverters. This year, he returned to the same Enphase Platinum Installer to add Enphase Storage for backup power.

Vince added, “Solar is near and dear to my heart. I believe in energy independence. There’s a nexus to sustainability and fiscal stewardship. Solar along with battery storage can provide you with financial freedom while protecting the environment."

By adding storage to his existing solar installation, Vince and his family can benefit from added protection during blackouts. Enphase Storage, which includes the latest microinverter technology within the battery unit, can communicate directly with Enphase Solar for all-in-one monitoring and control. The internal microinverters also provide added redundancy, so if there is ever a problem with one, the system can continue providing power.

"It was rather simple. I’ve been researching significant advances in solar and storage and wanted to make a commitment instead of just talking about sustainability and physical responsibility," said Vince.

Especially important for Florida residents, each Enphase Storage system is protected by Storm Guard™, a feature that prepares your home for a potential grid outage. When the Storm Guard feature is enabled in the Enlighten app, Enphase Storage will automatically prioritize the storage of energy when a severe storm is detected that has the potential to leave you without power.

To get started with Enphase Storage, calculate your backup power needs using System Estimator Tool or contact a local member of the Enphase Installer Network.

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