Solar installer teams: greater than the sum of their parts

Aug 02, 2016

Solar installer teams: greater than the sum of their parts

As the costs of solar panels and other hardware drops as a result of relentless commoditization, reducing the soft costs associated with labor on PV installations is becoming more important than ever. It’s critical that installers look at every aspect of their jobsites to determine the areas that they can consolidate and reorganize to help individual team members become more efficient. These streamlined onsite operations will ultimately pay off in the form of faster installs and more revenue for them and their team.

The latest chapter of the Enphase Solar Survival Guide offers tip to help installers increase their jobsite efficiency. Using real-world learnings from Enphase Field Application Engineers, it outlines the four ways that installers can simplify their installations, and provides insight into why a three-person installation crew, with one electrician and two general laborers, may be the most efficient and effective sized team for solar installs. It also touches on:

  • What are the four roles essential for a successful installation and the tasks that should be assigned to each role.
  • How to better manage labor costs by monitoring each team member’s activities to determine both the efficiency of that process and its contribution to the overall project.
  • Why it is important to collect data on each task to how to optimize those tasks.
  • Why certain jobs might not be right for your install team.

Download the latest chapter of the Survival Guide now, and learn more about strategies and tactics that installers and their teams can take to every job site to site help them become more efficient and effective. And stay tuned for the final chapter – coming your way soon!

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