Six Tips to Simplify Solar Design

May 10, 2015

Six Tips to Simplify Solar Design

More and more people are realizing that solar is a no-brainer for their homes and their businesses. But when it comes to designing systems for their roofs, each with its own peculiarities, that’s when things can get complicated.

System design has to be efficient and inexpensive for installers to reduce costs and increase sales volumes. Enphase makes the design process easier by assuring the best possible performance for the system as a whole, no matter how it’s laid out on the roof.

Enphase is also partnering with software providers to help you streamline system design some more. Residential installers find Enphase integrated into the ModSolar platform. For commercial developers and EPCs, Enphase has made the new C250 Microinverter available for the HelioScope design software by Folsom Labs.

And we even made a cheat sheet to help you remember six tips to simply system design. This isn’t advanced engineering. It’s solar made simple, just as your customers want it to be.

Operational Efficiency_Infographic_Six Tips Solar Design

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