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Simple. Functional. This is the Enphase AC Battery

Feb 18, 2016

Last month Enphase rolled out a new logo to better convey the connection to our smart, simple approach to solar and residential energy management. Today we are taking a further step to reflect that approach with an updated design for the Enphase AC Battery enclosure, a central piece of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. It reflects the constant improvements that Enphase makes to its products and services to ensure that they are best in class and deliver the most value to our partners and customers.

Over the last few months we interviewed installers and homeowners across the globe to fine tune not only the internal workings of the Enphase Storage System, but also the look of the AC Battery to be visually appealing and to usher in the new era of the Enphase Connected Home. We are proud of this final design for a number of reasons:

  1. Visual appeal: It is clean, modern, unpretentious, and looks great in any garage or covered area of any home.
  2. Easier installation: A reduced profile for the enclosure allows for maximum clearance on all sides in residential installations.
  3. Easy to pack and ship: The new enclosure also makes our AC Batteries easier to package and ship, further increasing efficiencies and reducing costs for our partners and ultimately, the homeowner.

As we updated the design of our AC Battery, we wanted to reflect the way we think about energy storage in relation to the Enphase Home Energy Solution:  the AC Battery is a simple, modular building block that is part of a larger, distributed energy management solution. The new look and clean lines mirror how Enphase focused on changing the way homeowners think about generating, storing and managing energy. We look forward to delivering on these promises as we ship our AC Batteries and the Enphase Home Energy Solution - first to Australia and then to the U.S. - later this year. Sign up here to stay informed about our upcoming launch in Australia.

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