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Scalable Solar and Storage Solutions to Fit your Budget

Nov 03, 2020

Solar has emerged as the energy of choice for a growing number of homeowners, businesses, and public sector organizations around the globe. Reasons for “going solar” varies, including locking-in long term savings, helping the environment, independence, and learning the technology.

However, one of the less discussed reasons is that solar energy is inherently modular by design, meaning that it can scale to suit. Applications range from a single module on a camper van to large utility-scale solar fields.

For homeowners, this scalability means that you can size a system to meet your energy needs and budget constraints. There are even options that allow homeowners to finance ownership or pay a kilowatt-hour rate for the electricity generated so that there is no large upfront cost.

Our Approach to Scalable Home Energy Systems

All solar technology benefits from modular flexibility. But at Enphase Energy, we took this concept to the next level with our all-in-one smart energy system.

1. Scalable Battery Storage Solutions

Our home storage solutions are also modular – just like solar on the roof. This flexibility makes it easier to size a battery unit to serve the right amount for your home – without installing too much or too little capacity.

2. Microinverter Technology

Enphase revolutionized the solar energy market by offering an alternative to string or “central” inverters. Instead of a bundled approach to inverting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), our microinverters do it under each panel.

There are many benefits to this innovative approach and scalability is a major one. Expansion is easy because each solar panel and microinverter operate as an independent unit. You can add and subtract them from your system depending on your energy consumption.

Let’s say you purchase an electric vehicle (EV) in the future. You could easily add additional solar panels and microinverters to offset this new electricity consumption. If you have a string or central inverter, it’s much more complicated.

This unique approach allows our customers to start with a system that suits their needs today while having the peace of mind that future upgrades are plug-in-play.

Let Us Help You Go Solar Affordably

Our solar and storage solutions are designed to keep your upfront costs to a minimum – while maximizing the return on your investment. Better still, there exist federal and state incentives to further lower the entry barrier, including the federal solar investment tax credit, state net metering programs, and other local incentives to reduce your solar and storage costs.

To learn more about our approach to affordable home energy systems, schedule a free consultation with our solar power team today.

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