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Safer Solar: Another Reason Enphase Is Better

Dec 26, 2019

If you’re thinking of going solar, where does safety fit into your decision-making process? When you meet potential installers, you’ll likely hear a lot about kWh and PV materials. And you’ll probably also be treated to some calculator-worthy math problems that’ll get you daydreaming of future savings. But does your installer talk about safety?
If you’re opting for traditional solar technology, probably not. And that’s a missed opportunity for an important conversation. When you look at the Enphase home energy solution, you’ll see why safety matters.
Put simply: Enphase is one of the safest home solar technology. It all comes down to how the sun’s power is processed and moved from your roof to inside your house.
Unsafe Power
All solar panels harness the sun’s energy as direct current (DC) power. A traditional solar setup uses an inverter that’s installed near your electrical panel to transform DC energy to the safe, home-friendly AC energy you use every day. To do this, traditional solar allows unsafe DC to flow through all the wires on top of your house and down to the inverter box. That’s a long way for DC power to travel, and plenty can go wrong. If wires are damaged or connections fail, DC can jump the line and start a fire.
The Enphase Solution: All AC, All the Time
Here’s where Enphase is different. Our revolutionary microinverters are attached to each and every solar panel on the roof. They convert DC energy into AC right away — so there’s never unsafe power in the wires that touch your home. With Enphase, only AC power is flowing through your home, from each microinverter all the way to your refrigerator, television, blow name it, Enphase is safely powering it.
Safety First
Getting solar for your home is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and for your utility budget. But chances are, you already know all that. That means it’s time to look a little closer, at all the things that really separate one system from another. Safety should be near the top of that list — and there’s no safer option than Enphase.
So when you’re thinking about what’s best for your home, don’t let DC power crawl all over your rooftop. The right technology — the Enphase Home Energy Solution — keeps you from having to worry about AC or DC at all. (We’ll spare you any classic rock references — trying to understand solar energy probably already makes you a bit thunderstruck.) Go with Enphase and ensure your system has the most efficient and safest inverter technology available.

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